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If you are new: Join our panel to participate in our studies to earn extra cash. You can then access this site to see what we have available.

Remember the more information we have about you, the more studies we may be able to qualify you for.

If you are already a member of our panel: You can log in to update your information, refer people to our database and see what studies are available to you. Any homework assignments for studies that you are invited to are also accessible through this site.


Here at Flagship Research we are all about connecting consumers with our end clients to help improve the products and services you use every day. We invite you to participate in a variety of different studies that we conduct here at our facility, online, over the phone and web or at off-site locations across the nation.

The best part about all of our studies is that we pay you to take part in them. Our typical studies pay $100 for taking part in a 2 hour group discussion, but again it does vary from study to study so it could be more or less in both time and compensation.

With every study that we have there is a qualification process that you do have to go through so that we can determine whether you will fit into what our client is looking for. We do this by having you answer some questions online and then having a phone call with you to confirm everything. If you are not able to answer questions online, we can also do the screening over the phone, we are open to whichever works best for you. As long as you qualify, we then invite you to participate in our research. It is that easy!